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How We Work

Dennaoui Law Prides itself on serving our clients and we take their time – and ours – very seriously. Therefore we do not offer free initial consultations. We do offer a complimentary 10 minute Initial Conversation, where we will briefly discuss whether we can serve you and your particular issue.

Initial Conversation

A Complimentary initial conversation to get to know you and your legal needs. We are happy to discuss if you would be a fit as a client, but not strategy or guidance will be provided.

Initial consultation

At Dennaoui Law, we will take the time and care to evaluate your legal needs. We do this through a 45 minute Initial Consultation for $49.99 (A $225 value). We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision for yourself – no pressure or sales pitches.  

business strategy session

This one hour long strategy session allows you to ask us any legal questions you may have about your business. We will also perform a Legal Audit of your business to make sure your business is legally sound. A Business Strategy Session is a great value at $99.99 as compared to paying an attorneys hourly rate which can cost hundreds of dollars.


After going through any of the steps above, we can better assess the scope of work needed for your particular legal issue. We will explain to you the proposed course of action, the fixed or estimated cost of services, and an estimated timeframe to completion. 

If both sides agree, we will have you sign our Client Services Agreement and get to work for you. Welcome to the family!